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We build, improve, and support information technology systems including databases, business intelligence solutions, and web and mobile applications. Epi-interactive is unique in having subject matter, information technology and design expertise in-house. We get the big picture and take pride in providing integrated quality tech solutions that meet your needs and look great.

Our experience, understanding and knowledge can help you use technology effectively and efficiently across a wide range of disciplines. We offer comprehensive information technology development and support in a variety of areas, including: Web application development, including e-tools, websites, apps Information management, Animal health information systems, Database development, Data analysis and visualisation, e.g. through interactive dashboards using Google Maps and Charts or R with the Shiny visualisation package Development of e-learning systems and tools.

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129 Park Road Miramar 6022 Wellington 04 388 7884 [email protected] http://www.epi-interactive.com

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