Welcome to Miramar

Located at the south-eastern end of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city, the Miramar Peninsula is a unique environment. Visitors to the Peninsula can enjoy miles of sandy beaches, hill-top vistas, stunning scenery, great food from award-winning cafes and, of course, the center of the country's internationally recognized movie industry. Discover the 'precious island' - a great place to live, work and do business.

Business Of The Month

After immigrating from the South of Italy 7 years ago Nicoletta Palmieri has always had a passion for baking Nicoletta found herself in Miramar where on the 7th July 2016 she decided to open a little boutique bakery. Nicoletta has had no formal training and is self-taught reading from online recipes and building her Mini Bakery Cake store cafe specialising Italian, vegan and vegetarian cuisine...

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