About The EMPI

The Miramar BID is a non-political organisation driven by a voluntary executive committee dedicated to furthering economic development for Miramar. Together with the businesses, landlords and the community we are working to enhance prosperity, safety and security in Miramar.


Currently EMPI provides 3 hotspots at: Peninsula Medical Centre, Unichem Pharmacy and the Peninsula Dentist, and have recently added a further 5 Hotspots at the Miramar Plaza. (Miramar Liquorland, Merkato Fresh, Opportunity for animals, Helloworld Travel and Joes Kitchen. All hotspots are free access with no data cap. EMPI is currently working with NZWireless (our current provider) for additional hotspots, and other locations on Park Road. If you would like a Hotspot in your area please contact us.

I am sure you are all aware of the Photobox Container which has been travelling around the Peninsula. The BID have purchased a purpose built trailer to reduce the cost of site permissions and lifting and moving it. This means that the Container is mobile, enabling the hire of the container out to business and or sports clubs so much easier. If you would like to view the Container or apply to hire it please do not hesitate to contact us. The Container has a TV screen along with power points, sound system making the Container a viable option for hosting meetings, show casing your business or just storage!

Century of the Machine:

"Century of the Machine" is a mural which recognizes the Miramar Peninsula’s long and fascinating links to transport. It is located on Cobham Drive under the Wellington sign, just South of the Miramar cutting. The mural, which is in the form of a 35mm film negative, is 80 metres long and features 17 large paintings of a diverse array of transport modes, ranging from steam ships through locomotives to seaplanes and even water slides. All of the images are taken from photographs held by the Alexander Turnbull Library Collection. The oldest image dates back to 1875 and the most recent the 1960s. The artist chose to paint in simple black on white to create high contrast slightly abstracted forms which remain easily recognizable even in low light. They also hark back to black and white photography which was the way the original images were captured.


The Miramar Dog:

"The Miramar Dog" is a mural in Park Road. Named after a book by a local author, this artwork depicts an oversized book shelf painted on the front of a power transformer building. This was a collaborative project between the artist and the community. All of the books (several hundred) were titled by local people via a Facebook page set up for the project. It is not unusual to see visitors standing in front of The Miramar Dog having their photos taken, or just looking at the book titles.

Wellington City Council in conjunction with EMPI have installed bike racks along with 2 bike fix it stands so far (View the image) these are located in the areas as shown on the maps below, and we are currently negotiating further bike racks thus continuing with a very successful project between the Wellington City Council and the Miramar BID.

Location of bike racks:

The Miramar Peninsula could well be cut off from Wellington in an emergency and we need to consider being self-sufficient not only in our own homes but in our efforts to get all businesses back up and running as soon as possible.

During 2017 we have visited several Businesses who are Members of the Miramar BID asking them to complete the Civil Defence paperwork. The BID is interested in hearing from all Businesses as to their capabilities in an emergency and how your business would be able to contribute to an emergency. The Board are currently working with Wellington City Council and WREMO to secure locations to install water tanks, and find a solution to provide communications in case of n emergency.

EMPI are currently working with WCC and their consultants on the Miramar Ave Development project, which includes the cycleways, phaze one of this project is almost ready to be commissioned, this project is a long term project with continuing discussions with the Community.

The first of the TV screens with a collage of 57 rotating images showing the history of Miramar Peninsula have been installed in the Peninsula Medical Centre. There are currently 2 TV stands which can be placed in your business for a 6 month period, the stands are strong and the construction of these has taken into consideration safety of the public. If you are interested in having the TV and stand in your business please contact Mary


Establish and prove the credibility of the bid, and demonstrate its core value to the local business community.

Develop a strong brand identy and reputaon for miramar that connects with businesses, locals and visitors.

Support and develop miramar's local economy, and leverage current strengths for wider benefit.

Posively influence strategic investment in and around Miramar.