About Us

Enterprise Miramar Peninsula Inc or / Miramar BID is a Business Improvement District. Wellington is growing fast with another 80,000 people expected in the next 30 years. The Miramar Peninsula is a recognised destination in Wellington because of its exceptional recreational, cultural and hospitality experiences. This growth means challenges and opportunities for the Miramar Peninsulas key business areas.

Through the Business Improvement District (BID) programme, Wellington City Council is working with business districts to improve the local business environment and grow the regional economy. This programme creates a partnership between the council and business associations, which are separate entities and as such EMPI is an important element that contributes towards delivering Wellington City Strategic objectives.

The Miramar BID is a non-political organisation driven by a voluntary executive committee dedicated to furthering economic development for Miramar.

Mission Statement

Enterprise Miramar Peninsula Inc (Miramar BID) is the leading catalyst for fostering the competitive advantage and promotion of the wider Miramar Peninsula for economic benefit of its members through a focus together with the businesses, landlords and the community we are working to enhance prosperity, safety and security in Miramar.

  • Business Development
  • Cultural and retail diversity
  • A clean and safe environment
  • Commercial investment & business community interests
  • Demonstrate Miramar is a safe area to visit work and live in.
  • Promote Miramar as a great destination for new businesses, shoppers or visitors.
  • Provide members with valuable services, networking opportunities.
  • Provide a collective voice for businesses and advocate on their behalf over development and infrastructure changes that will affect the Peninsula.