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Medical / Pharmacy

Unichem Miramar Pharmacy

We believe in complete well-being, about looking good as well as feeling great. Our trained beauty consultants have all the tips and tricks, as well as the knowledge on all the top skincare and beauty products, to help you to look your best.

Whether you need advice on applying makeup, or you spotted a look out there you’d love to have for yourself, our experts are there to show you how.

Services: Ear Piercing

Diagnostic screening can give you a snapshot of your current health and be done at your pharmacy quickly, without an appointment.

Early detection and prevention are key to better long term health, but knowing what health checks to have done and when can be confusing. Your pharmacy can guide you, so you know which tests may be beneficial. Pharmacists are trained to determine your risk factors, perform the health tests, and explain the results for you. With your approval, we can send your results on to your Doctor so your records will be always up to date.


AIA Vitality Health Check

Anticoagulation Service (if you are on Warfarin)

Blood Glucose Testing

Blood Pressure Testing (BP)

Bowel Health Screening

Vitamin B12 Injection

Zinc Testing