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Health / Fitness

Maia Crossfit

04 388 6146

Founded on principles of family, adventure, courage and excellence. It is our mission through fitness to foster and ignite deep personal change. Our broad fitness programmes have proven results and are designed for our community...That is the vision of Dustin & Joel Bouzaid, who manage, coach & lead the life changing experience that is Maia CrossFit.It's not a gym, although that's how many might see it. It's like a club. A place that people belong to. A place where people are valued, feel connected and a sense of unity.We are building healthy role models everyday here. We train people very well & that means knowing them, listening & understanding them and making sure first and foremost our people trust us to guide them. We like to have a laugh, take photos, BBQ, enter competitions AND train really hard. At the end of the day we all know how great it feels to push ourselves further than we perhaps thought possible right? – Now imagine doing that every day with a team of genuine mates right behind you.There is a group training dynamic at Maia CrossFit where you actually workout next to great people who know who you are. There is no prize for first or no penalty for last; in fact they only celebrate ‘personal excellence’ – YOU doing better today than YOU did yesterday.Maia CrossFitters are first and foremost ‘salt of the earth’, ‘stand up’ amazing people and secondly, they have made the choice; that health & fitness is critical to an increased quality of life.They are doing something quite unique down at Maia CrossFit – head down, watch a class, meet the team, find out for yourself!