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Bohemein Fresh Chocolates

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04 499 7913

Once people try our chocolates, many ask us why they taste so good. We believe it comes down to a few simple things: We have the passion, technique and knowledge to take already fantastic, fresh ingredients and showcase them in our high quality couverture (chocolate). Because we are free of artificial preservatives, our fresh chocolates have a shorter than usual shelf-life, often just four weeks. You can taste the difference. We use real, natural ingredients, so you taste real flavours. When you taste strawberry in our chocolates, you’re tasting real strawberries. We believe in simplicity in both the way we make our chocolates as well as the chocolates themselves. If we make a lemon and thyme chocolate, we want people to taste: lemon; thyme; and chocolate. That’s it.

Bohemein Fresh Chocolates produce fresh hand made chocolates in Wellington and Auckland. We're all about FRESH! Come in and taste the difference.